Learn how Dino Rossi defied the odds to become one of the sneakiest politicians in Washington state history:

2018 Achievements:

 ⇒ Silent On The GOP Tax Scam: Dino’s position on the GOP tax scam is STILL a secret even though he’s been in the race since September.1

  Hiding on Health Care: Dino has not given a straight answer on whether or not he supports the GOP’s ACA repeal efforts.2

  Won’t Tell the Truth: Rossi Keeps. Telling. Voters. he balanced Washington’s budget without raising taxes (HE DIDN’T).

 Nowhere To Be Found: Upcoming public events? N/A 3

 ⇒ Dino On The Issues?  PAGE DOES NOT EXIST. Seriously, try it  —> http://www.dinorossi.com/issues

In 2018, here’s what Dino doesn’t want you to know:

⇒ Dino enjoyed about $37,000 worth of perks while he was a State Senator. He used taxpayers’ dollars and special interest money for travel and other lavish perks. 4

⇒ Dino partnered with the scam artist known as the “Bernie Madoff of Washington”. This fraudster financed Dino’s businesses ($600k) and even funded Dino’s campaign before he was indicted for bankruptcy fraud AND money laundering. 5

 Rossi happily accepts tens of thousands in contributions from lobbyists. Dino’s campaigns have even been run by “the most powerful lobbyists in the state.” 6

⇒ Dino & his business “personally benefited” from a taxpayer-funded earmark his fellow politicians snuck into the state budget. 7

⇒  He’s a Big Time Trumpster. Did you know Dino was Trump’s right-hand man in Washington during the ’16 cycle? 8

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  (But don’t try to get a word out of him!)

  1. Dino is not on record on the House GOP’s tax plan
  2. Dino is not on record for the recent ACA repeal push by the House GOP
  3. Dino does not have a list of upcoming, public campaign events
  4. From 1997 to 2003, Rossi charged taxpayers $15,297 for trips throughout the world, including New York City and China.
     From 1997 to 2002, Rossi also took advantage of $22,385 worth of trips throughout the world, including Hawaii, Macedonia, and China – all of which were paid for by special interests. [Personal Financial Affairs Statements, 1997-2003]
  5. Rossi Was Financed By, And Profited Off, “Washington’s Bernie Madoff.”
    Michael Mastro, described as “Washington’s Bernie Madoff”, lied to investors during housing crisis while shifting assets overseas; Mastro fled the country to evade prosecution, was indicted for bankruptcy fraud and money laundering. Mastro financed a deal in which Rossi made $600,000 and contributed to Rossi’s campaign as he was lying to investors and shifting money to offshore accounts.
  6. Rossi Has Happily Accepted Tens Of Thousands Of Dollars From Lobbyists, And His Campaign Have Been Run By Lobbyists.
    1996-2008: Rossi accepted $38,305.14 from registered lobbyists, said he was “not shutting them out of our campaign.”
    2008: Rossi’s campaign was run by “one of the most powerful lobbyists in the state.”
    2010: Rossi hired a former Enron lobbyist to help run his campaign.
  7. 2007: Rossi “Personally Benefited” From $433k Earmark.
    In 2007, as a co-owner of a minor-league baseball team, Rossi “personally benefited from earmarks” worth $433,000.
  8. Rossi Was Instrumental In Squashing Anti-Trump Rebellion In Washington, Was A Trump Delegate.
    As a delegate for President Trump’s candidacy, Rossi was instrumental in squashing an anti-Trump effort amongst Washington Republicans and “criticized other delegates who tried to mount a last-ditch anti-Trump rebellion.